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Austria is visited for more than fifty years by fly fishermen from all over the world and has become a centre of Europe in Fly Fishing. Number and variety of rivers and the excellent water quality are unique. But for bad luck a lot of mistakes in nature were made in former days. Many of the rivers were built to straight channels and the fishing resources decreased. Also the fishing pressure has grown up. We as fly fishermen should satisfy the concern of discovering the problems and fighting against these reasons as well as finding new ways in living in and with nature.

Together with our partner Stroblwasser we have managed to lease several high quality sections of rivers in the last few years. That we are on the right way is shown by a good stock of natural born and grown up fish, especially if you look at our brown trout and grayling.

This is also because of our regulations, that nobody is allowed to take and keep brown trout and grayling, which is an important protection for the natural stock.

Everybody, who likes to eat a fish, is allowed to take two rainbow trout in the size of 30 to 40cm. This regulation protects smaller and also big fish, and gives other fly fishermen the possibility to catch a “big one”.

Your PRO-GUIDE has an excellent knowledge of all these rivers and is available for guiding and information all the time.

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