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Your Pro-Guides Fly Fishing course begins with a basic theoretical instruction lasting 2 hours. Here the best insider tips on equipment and insects are presented in small friendly groups, with practical examples and illustrations.

For the second part of the course we move to a nearly meadow where we master the necessary basics of casting. The various phases of the overhead casting technique are taught step by step in methodical dry-land training session. We build from a simple beginners cast to a breath-taking casting action with its natural far-reaching distance. The afternoon sees us making our first attempts in and on the water.

The third section of the course is all about presentation of the fly and the various offering techniques for different conditions. After brief explanations and demonstrations, intensive practising on the water of possible real situations will follow. We will coach you in the steps of correct reeling in and optimal landing of a fish. 

In just 2 1/2 days you will have a solid basis and you are able to catch fish for your own.
For more information, please  contact us. In the price included are course, licences , possible course gear and waders if you need. 

Check out for rooms by yourself, but we will help you as much as we can! 

The course in Zwettl/Jagenbach is a cooperation with Stauseefischer.at. For registration and more information please contact Bernhard Berger. 

The course at the River Möll is  in cooperation with A&H Flyshop/Spittal an der Drau. Registration and more information at H. Ambrosch of A&H Kompetenzzentrum.

The course in Feldkirch takes place in cooperation with the FV Feldkirch. 

Check out our course dates here.

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