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Pro-Guides Thirtyfour Rute  8,3ft. #3-4

Pro-Guides Thirtyfour Rod 8,3ft. #3-4

This rod is developed for fly fishing in small to mid size streams.
It's a product made of our many years of experience! A light and durable 4 piece rod with nice action and easy to cast. The rod is delivered with an extra tip section, bag and carbon tube.

PRICE: 399.00

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Nám #4 8,6' 4-teilig

Nam #4 8,6' 4pc.

Find your target and cast your fly in position! It’s simply too easy with the nám 8’6”

PRICE: 710.00

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Nám #5 9,1' 4-teilig

Nám #5 9,1' 4pc

We tried to make this rod so that the full blank would flex but still keep the lowest possible swing weight. We are very pleased with the result. It’s extremely easy to control the line speed due to the direct contact you get with the flyline. Try making an underhand cast with it and you are in for surprise!

Now with Delgado cork grip!

PRICE: 710.00

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Nám #6 9' 4-teilig

Nám #6 9' 4pc

Made for coastal fishing or why not Lake Thingvellir. When you are covering water all day you often get tired and the wind starts to annoy you. Then you need a rod that still do long casts without demanding 100% of your focus. “Fast but not stiff” it’s the recipe for this rod…

Now with Delgado cork grip!

PRICE: 730.00

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NÁM #7/8 12,3' 6-TEILIG

NÁM #7/8 12,3' 6pc

Wonderful doublehand rod for easy casting, perfect for small to medium size rivers

PRICE: 930.00

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NÁM #8/9 13,3' 6-TEILIG

NÁM #8/9 13,3' 6pc

This is a multipurpose rod perfect allrounder for the most types of styles. The rod action is so that it can handle a wide span of line weights. No matter if you are deep wading using heavy sinking lines or fishing a light dressed fly under low water conditions, it will handle it!

PRICE: 960.00

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Pro-Guides Rolle 34

Pro-Guides Reel 34

The Pro-Guides Reel 34 is modern and light fly reel for weight 2-4.
Large arbor reel for good capacity of fly line and backing.

PRICE: 199.00

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Pro-Guides Rolle 56

Pro-Guides Reel 56

The Pro-Guides Reel 56 is modern and light fly reel for weight 5-6.
Large arbor reel for good capacity of fly line and backing-

PRICE: 199.00

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